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Bradley Neil Kaminsky
Lisa Lewis Gibson
Marisa Adriana Delgado
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Bradley Neil Kaminsky March 31, 1971 - February 10, 2001

"A Soldier just fights... A Warrior fights to the death."

This is the quote that Brad said to me upon his fourth craniotomy... four months ago. It was his motto since his diagnosis 19 months ago. Brad was determined to beat the 6-18 month "statistic" and boy did he ever. Thank you all for your support. The past couple days have been a living hell for Brad and for our family. But... Brad no longer has a brain tumor. Ding Dong the gbm is dead!!! He discarded his body and the tumor at 10:40 pm, 2/10/01. He is once again able to rollerblade and play hockey. He is now with his children and me and all of us all the time. No time, no distance... nothing to separate him from those he Loves. "whether are parting be overnight... or overdeath... we all deep down know the secret... we will forever return to the arms of those we love". This is the saddest day of my Life. My heart hurts so bad... I only hope the pain I am in is worse than the pain Brad was in. He truly looks peaceful... Brad crossed over surrounded by Love and Light... His Father, Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle, Mom, Sister(me) and girlfriends were all holding on to him as he took his last breaths. His breathing became very labored and it was a relief to have him be at Peace at last. Brad is a valiant warrior... he fought to the death and he made us all so so proud. He is not only a warrior but a HERO... my HERO. This war is NOT over. We will continue the fight in Brad's HONOR... we will find the CURE for this disease. It will NOT continue to take children away from their parents... It will END. We will fight and make this a reality. It messed with the wrong family... now it must be stopped forever. Brad will continue on his mission. I know he is being introduced to the many who have gone before him and he will(along with them) pave the way for those who will follow... The warrior's and warrioresses who never deserved to have thier Lives stopped so soon and so suddenly. Brad is an amazing man. I am truly Blessed to have had the time I had with Brad. I know he will contact me when he arrives and he will continue to teach me... his big sister. He has inspired and will continue to inspire... He has taught and he will contine to teach... He has Loved and he will continue to Love and He will Forever BE LOVED. Brad only wanted to dance at Jessie's wedding(his 7 year old daughter)... well He will certainly be there... and NOW BOTH HIS LEGS WILL WORK AND HE WILL DANCE LIKE HE HASN'T DANCED IN 19 MONTHS. Brad will Never be forgotton... He will continue on in my heart... in all our hearts and he will continue to make this world a better place. He was an amazing prosecuter... an amazing speaker and he knew this disease hit him for a reason... he knew it was so he could make a difference in this world and to make people understand that God really does exist(even tho he didn't believe this before his diagnosis). I know my brother well and HE WILL continue this mission. Thank you all for your support. When you read this, Please say a Prayer for Brad asking that he move closer and closer into the light and to always be surrounded in Love. The pain now is unbearable... for me... for us... we have now been left with the pain. My heart is truly broken in pieces and none of us will ever be the same again... from this disease and most of all... from knowing Brad. He has the Most beautiful smile... he lights up a room and Brad has the best sense of Humor. Even in his final hours of semi consciousness, he was making jokes (he awoke to his nurse girlfriend and his doctor friend (girl) and said "oh menage a trois??"... His sense of humor has got him this far. The man is truly honorable and amazing and I could go on for hours about all the wonderful things Brad is... but I am too tired and too sad and I need to rest too. I Love my Brother and I will miss him more than any words could ever say. Brad you are and always will be an amazing hero... a fighter... a warrior. One day the cure will be found and if anyone man can lead the way, it is Dr. Henry Friedman... the man's will to find the cure is equal to Brad's will to fight. Last year we started the Brad Kaminsky Foundation and now we will focus on raising lots of money to give to Henry and Duke so the Cure will be in sight. This is the e-mail none of us ever wants to write... Brad certainly earned his wings, and yes he is an angel now. Keep fighting folks... together we are going to put an end to this nightmare. Fight and keep fighting... Brad did and we had so many laughs and shared so much Love. Please know that you are all in my Prayers. Much thanks and Love and Gratitude to all of you. Brad's truth is marching on!!!... and it will continue to march on. With All my Love, Lisa, proud sis of Bradley Neil Kaminsky, "the warrior". This is in Honor and Loving memory of my wonderful little brother, Bradley Neil Kaminsky, "the warrior", father of two, (7&3), dx 7/99. He fought with dignity and pride and courage. He was an inspiration and will continue to be. Rest Brad and then get cracking on your work buddy... your mission is only complete here... you still have much work to do on the other side.

March 31, 1971 - February 10, 2001 29 years young and way too young to die.



In Memoriam of Lisa Elizabeth Lewis Gibson

Lisa was the foundation's driving force and the inventor of the cookbook idea. Lisa passed away from a gbm tumor on 10/16/02. She was 32 years young and left her parents, grandparents, friends, husband and her 2 1/2 year old daughter, Logan. Lisa Gibson's Memorial Lisa Gibson spoke to my brother, Brad Kaminsky, regarding a treatment she would undergo. Lisa's friend, Heather sent out an e-mail to a brain tumor support group of over 900 people looking to hear from anyone who had undergone the same treatment that Lisa was about to have. As a member of the support group, I received the e-mail and contacted Brad, and asked him if he would call Lisa. He spoke to her one time. A few months later, Lisa was in DC at Brain Tumor Awareness week and had seen a memorial I had written regarding my brother. Lisa knew instinctively that this was the Brad she had spoken to on the phone and she was so sad to learn of his passing. What she did next exemplifies Lisa's Spirit to fight and to help other people all the time. She sought me out and contacted me and told me how inspired she was by Brad and how she wanted to team up with our Foundation to help build awareness of brain tumors and more importantly to raise money for a cure!! She also brought me messages of Peace by telling me how much she always "felt" Brad around her. Coincidentally (or not), Lisa and I both lived in Virginia. (Brad lived in Pennsylvania) From that moment on, Lisa became the foundation. She came up with the idea to do a cookbook to raise funds while taking a bath. She researched it, found a publishing company and a computer program and motivated and inspired me to make this project a reality. Her cookbook raised $10,000 towards research. When I mentioned to Lisa that I wanted to do a golf tournament, we were rolling. No sooner did I finish typing the cookbook, she had me pushing ahead with the golf tournament. She worked so hard and made the tournament a huge success raising another $10,000. Now we are working on the second cookbook, (available around Thanksgiving)(Lisa would want me to mention this to all of you) I met Lisa's friend Heather through the internet. Brad met Lisa over the phone and then I met Lisa. Lisa and I always said that Brad brought us together, and she always said how much Brad inspired her. I want to tell the world today how much Lisa inspired me and will continue to inspire me. I am so grateful that she came into my Life. She showed me what it means to fight for a cause and what the words dignity and courage mean. She taught me what the words giving and loving really mean. Lisa will always be remembered. I ask all of you today to help me pick up Lisa's sword and continue this fight in her honor!! I was able to say all of this to Lisa while she was alive, and for this I am grateful too. The world has yet another Huge loss, but Heaven now has another Perfect Angel. Until we meet again Lis……..I will keep fighting. Love, Lisa Millar, The Brad Kaminsky Foundation for Brain Tumor Research



In Memoriam of Marisa Adriana Delgado

My beautiful daughter's name was MARISA ADRIANA DELGADO. She was 4 years 9 months old when she was diagnosed with MEDULLABLASTOMA. I was told she would live 6 months to a year .
She was giving radiation for 8 weeks and chemo for 41/2 years.
My daughter was a fighter and loved life , she loved to be with her family and specially with me , her mother ,
Marisa was never able to read or write, I was told any child that receives as much radiation as Marisa did would have many many problems, and she did,,,,,,
She struggle with life and survived for 35 years, tho she never developed as a normal child, and other children and adults would look at her , and some make fun of her,
Our trips to emergency where too many to list here, as where so many other problems she had.
Marisa was the longest survival with medulla blastoma at childrens hospital in los angeles , 
last September I lost her , apparently she suffered a stroke( tho the doctors said no),, but on Friday morning she was unable to swallow , everything that I gave her was going to her lungs instead of her stomach and developed pneumonia, after 4 days in the hospital she lost her battle here in this world but won a wonderful place in heaven,,
Marisa touched sooo many lifes and gave so much courage to many many people....
I asked God to take her suffering away and give it to me , her mother... I now suffer the worse pain any parent can ever face, I hope and pray that one day I am able to see her beautiful face again.. and have her call me MAMI once again..... God bless all you people that are trying to find a cure for brain tumors.. thank you.... MAMA BELLE.....



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